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While applying for the passport we must be aware of the procedures we have to follow for the application. Checking the online status of passport also require some knowledge about meaning of status depicted.

Now it has become a matter of just one click to find your passport status. You can check status of your application submitted at any Regional Passport Office. Like to check the passport status enquiry Delhi while sitting in Lucknow you can get it easily. You just have to find the seven digit alphanumeric code depicted on the acknowledgement receipt received at the time of submission of form. Go to the website and enter this number along with the city, year and correct date of birth you will get the complete passport status enquiry details.

Customer care number for any kind of query is: 1800-258-1800 - Toll-Free. Applicants can call on this number anytime to enquire.

You can reach the above phone number to enquire about the queries regarding new passport, status of passport, renewal or delivery information. The passport status enquiry is similar to the passport status enquiry Lucknow or any other city. The applicant can get passport status enquiry lko through the website or the Regional office.

The explanation regarding some of the status is given below to guide about the common mistakes we make while enquiring:

File Reference Number (LKO-R012345-10) is either wrong or information is not available: This occurs if you have entered an invalid file number.
Proof of Stay required: this may happen if some of your documents are missing. Submit your complete documents to avoid this status.
Blank Status: this may happen due to lack of clarity of data at the time of entering.
Police Report has Not Been Received: it simply indicates that the passport office is awaiting police verification.
Marriage Proof required: if you have included the name of your spouse in form then it is required to submit your marriage certificates.
Application has been send to the Police section. Please refer PRO: this happens at the time of any conflict or violation of policy.
Passport Granted: this states that all your verification is successful, passport has been dispatched and you will receive your passport in few days.
This status may not always reflect the true status. Sometimes the status is not currently updated or entered correctly due to human errors.